Akklamé !

Akklamé! offers a number a professional services to accommodate your event:

Master of ceremonies

A master of ceremonies such as a presenter or a host is essential to the smooth running and success of any event. Whether it’s a corporate or public event, a press conference or a product launch, our masters of ceremonies will adapt to your needs and to those of your clients, all while respecting protocols.

Host format:

a livelier and more spontaneous form of hosting.

Our seasoned and multi-talented hosts make it their mission to provide your guests with a unique experience through various interactions, one-on-one interviews, and much more. No more boring events with the professionals at Akklamé!

Presenter format:

a more formal and structured type of hosting

With the services of a professional presenter for your next corporate event, you will ensure that each one of of your guests will have a memorable experience. In addition to their talents as orators, our presenters can highlight your partners with grace and sophistication all the while ensuring the success of your cocktail party, gala, or any other type of event.


Whether it’s for discussion groups, workshops, or round tables, a moderator is the person you need to ensure the quality and relevance of exchanges while respecting constraints. An Akklamé! moderator will ensure the smooth running of your event and that your guests feel welcomed all while keeping discussions on the topic at hand.


Want to give a voice and image to your next event? Benefit from the spokesperson services offered by the professionals at Akklamé! Whether it’s to represent your brand or business for promotional events or press conferences, or to conduct interviews with the media, a spokesperson will help you to communicate your messages more effectively all while carefully and professionally representing your brand image.

Add a touch of style and prestige to your events,

Akklamé! ,different services adapted to your events

  • Galas
  • Corporate events
  • Government events
  • Protocol-related activities
  • Award shows
  • Award shows
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Panel discussions
  • Product launches

Trouvez dès maintenant le maître de cérémonie qu’il vous faut afin de faire de votre prochain événement un succès!

Trouvez dès maintenant le maître de cérémonie qu’il vous faut afin de faire de votre prochain événement un succès!